The One's We Choose by Julie Clark

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 This was a whirlwind of a story.  The main character is a strong and independent woman named Paige Robson who is a geneticist, studying Oxytocin and a single mother of a boy name Miles.

Miles is a darling boy who is now questioning who his father is and why he can't know him.  Paige does everything she can to make him feel loved and wanted but something is still missing.

Miles becomes disengaged at school and isolates himself, feeling like an outsider when other boys his age speak of their fathers.

Paige does a thoughtful dance, gently tippy toeing around the fact that Miles was a child of an anonymous donor.   As Paige tries to help Miles understand why he doesn't have a relationship with his father, Paige has to figure out her own very complicated relationship with her father.  The story ebbs through the realties of life and relationships, and educates you on the very fabric that creates us, and how so much of it passes on from generation to generation.  And this is where the story unfolds.

Julie Clark's prose is engaging and thoughtful.  It hooks you into a dazzling world of genetics, family and the stark realities of life.  It's witty plot is filled with DNA and before each chapter a snippet of it is explained.

This is a wonderful read and I highly recommend this book.  You will learn a lot and love the touching story.  The Ones We Choose by Julie Clark is her debut novel forthcoming on May 8th.

You can pre-order this book now on Amazon here:  The One's We Choose

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Disclaimer:  I received The One's We Choose as an eARC (my first) from Julie Clark & NetGalley.  However, this does not have any influence on my review.  Thank you Julie Clark and NetGalley for sending this to me.  It was a splendid read.  


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