Champagne Wishes and Quarantine Dreams

Hello Lit Babes, I hope this post finds you and your family healthy and safe.  Prior to the Coronavirus pandemic and the shelter in place order, I spent a weekend at one of my favorite places in Southern California.  The Ritz-Carlton Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara.  It's a great weekend getaway and makes for a fabulous spot for reading.  Hopefully we can all get out of this quarantine soon so we can go back to beautiful locations, and not just dream about them.  Orders in Los Angeles County to shelter in place have been extended to May 15th.  I have a feeling it might be extended again.  Be safe out there.  

This quarantine however, is the perfect opportunity to catch up on your TBR pile.  Pictured above are my favorite three reads of 2020 thus far.

First off, Atomic Habits. What a great time to be reading this book.  It's true that our habits make us who we are.  Our daily habits is one thing that will help us get through this quarantine, for better or for worse, hopefully for the better!  This book is a great reminder on how tiny changes, every single day can create remarkable results.  We could all use a little of James Clear's motivation right now when we are all at home dealing with this scary pandemic while your couch is constantly courting you to spend way too much time on it, watching Bravo or Netflix.

Next, is this darling book by Courtney Maum, titled Before and After the Book Deal.  This book is perfect for all you aspiring writers out there, me included.  I see you!  It's wonderfully entertaining and funny and will help you navigate the process of getting that book of yours published.  Don't quit your daydreams.  Pick this up if you want to finally finish that book and get it out on the market.  You can do it!  What better time than now.  Did you know that William Shakespeare wrote King Lear in a plague during his quarantine?  Allegedly this is true.  What will you be doing with your time?  Nothing is ok too!  Don't be too hard on your self.  Soon this will be over and we will all get back to living.

Lastly, is this intensely moving and emotional story of American Dirt.  It's a riveting novel about a mothers will to survive and her journey with her 8 year old son to El Norte AKA the United States.  She leaves her city of Acapulco after her husband, Sebastion Perez Delgado, a reporter, is murdered by the cartel along with fifteen other members of her family  This book is really about the journey, the uncertainty of her future and how she survived the trek of over a 1,000 miles to safety.

This book really educated me on understanding the horrific plight of immigrants and the reasons behind why they would leave their life and country behind.  Truly a captivating story, I highly recommend if you haven't read it already.

May you find ways to relax and enjoy your family or your alone time.  Let me know what you are reading in the comments below.  Cheers to a short quarantine and remember, the greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow.

Hang in there, sending champagne wishes and quarantine dreams.  If you would like to read any of the above books, here are quick links directly to Amazon.  Thank you for your support.  Happy reading.  


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