Girls' Night Out and the Magic of Tulum

Three women beckoned by the turquoise sea of the Caribbean take a trip to sort out their differences.  What starts out as simple girls trip to reconnect, turns into a mystery when one of them go missing in Mexico.

From the very first pages, we learn that Ashley is missing.  Natalie finds herself wet and passed out on the beach in front of her hotel.  Her memory foggy from the night before from too much tequila and a Mayan drink called Balché.

Three days before Ashley goes missing, the girls decide to burn off some of those mezcal margaritas with a little yoga in Tulum.  As they grab their mats, Ashley meets a handsome dark haired man in the class.  He invites them all to have smoothie bowls after yoga at his little shop called, "Tropical Kiss."  But Marco isn't all that he seems to be.  The girls partake in is invite and this is where the story begins.

Marco becomes Ashley's friend of sorts.  She confides in him sharing the issues she's been having with the business she has with Natalie, and the fact that Revlon wants to buy them out.  However she is not willing to give up BloMe just yet.  It was her idea, her creation, a brush and blow dryer combination that has been a success.  Her partner and friend Natalie is in financial ruins since her husband decided to take a business risk that is about to bankrupt her family.  She is desperate for Ashley to sell so she can keep her head above water.

Marco lures Ashley even closer to her, telling her about the mythical and magical places Tulum has to offer.  Telling her that these places will bring her some spiritual healing because an asteroid struck Tulum about 66 million years ago leaving a mysticism that heals.  Visiting these spots could give her the answers she is looking for.

Marco becomes her unofficial tour guide but Natalie and Lauren aren't so trusting of this stranger she had just met.  He takes them to various places in Tulum including a beautiful cenote, which are freshwater sinkholes known to be sacred to the Mayans

Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke book Girls' Night Out is very enticing and lures you in to the magical and mystical world of Tulum.  A wonderful and thrilling page turner filled with spiritual history and Mayan culture.  They capture the essence of adventure, laced with fear in an unfamiliar place with a handsome stranger.

What has Marco done with Ashley?  What has happened to her?  Is Natalie hiding a secret?

To find out pick up a copy here:  Girls' Night Out

Wring out the last days of summer with the fun thriller, it will make you want to to sip mezcal margaritas and book a trip to Tulum, if you dare.

Happy reading lit babes.

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