5 Unique Bookstores Around The World

These dreamy bookstores will have you lost for hours in world's created only by words.  Rumor has it that one of these bookstores was an inspiration for J.K. Rowling, a muse that inspired the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter.   Take a look at our list and let the magic begin.

1) El Ateneo Grand Splendid - Argentina

One of the most beautiful bookstores on this list is the El Ateneo Grand Splendid located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  What was once a palatial theater, in 2000 they converted it into a gorgeous book and music store.  Sit under the fresco painted ceiling and enjoy the glory of a historic Italian opera house.  The eclecticism style of this building is reason alone to visit with approximately one million visitors a year.  Sit in the theater boxes and read, or visit their darling cafe.  This is a bookworm's paradise.

 2) Boekhandel Dominicanen - Netherlands

If you worship books, you will love this bookstore located in Maastricht, Netherlands.  Formerly a gothic monastery church, this church was transformed in 2006 into one of the "fairest bookstores in the world," dubbed by The Guardian in 2008.  This place is heaven for all book lovers.

3)  Atlantis Books - Greece

How about a bookstore with epic views.  If you are into quirky and cool with stunning views of the Aegean Sea then look no further than Atlantis Books in Santorini, Greece.  The name alone conjures up images of another world and when you step inside you are transported to an enchanting space with little cavernous areas to explore.  It's not really a cave, more like a basement cut into the cliffs of the Greek island.  It's idyllic setting is the perfect place to unwind with a book and watch a sunset.  Bibliophiles will loves this eclectic and charming place.

4)  Livraria Lello - Portugal

Noted as one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world, legend has it that J.K. Rowling was inspired by it's enigmatic decor that it influenced Harry Potter's Hogwarts School.  We can see why.  It's detailed wood balusters and it's illuminating stained glass ceiling is exalting.  It's a fabulous space to get lost in a book.

5) Shakespeare and Company - France

Last but not least, The Shakespeare and Company bookstore is the most legendary.  It's like going back in time to the Paris of yesteryears that drove writers to it's romance of the city.  The City of Lights is littered with literary history.  Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Joyce are just a few that have ties with Paris.  James Joyce published his book Ulysses under the Shakespeare and Company.  Nostalgia looms on Paris' Left Bank.  A must see utopia for all literary lovers.

What are you favorite bookstores around the world?  Let us know.

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